Rocket boost your software development workflow


Once working in a team on software projects organizing a project is a must-have. Otherwise it will get messy and inefficient pretty quickly. We have used a combination of Trello (for task management), Facebook/Email (for Communication) and Github (for version control) before, but experienced a heavily messy workflow. So we decided to look for alternatives […]

Free patterns for commercial projects


Background patterns are a great way to add a bit more detail to a website, but although there are tons of website offering patterns I’ve found a specific helpful one in Subtlepatterns. Subtlepatterns does not only have beautiful patterns, but also allows you to use their pattern library in commercial and non-commercial projects. This is particularly […]

How To Create A Facebook Fanpage


In a modern world where nearly everyone uses social networks, a facebook fan page is pretty much a must have for every company and website. A fan page is great to to get in touch with your customers, strengthen your brand and to find new potential customers – I would even say that thanks to facebook, youtube […]